Please “Sound Horn” – what honking means in US and Bangalore

Here’s what people are trying to tell you when they sound the car horn in the bay area:
1. You almost caused an accident you mo*@n.
2. Hey, get off the damm cell phone and concentrate on the road you id#0t, you’re getting in my lane.
3. The light’s been green for the last 20 seconds, move on.

In Bangalore however sounding the horn can mean many things. I can personally assure you I have seen every one of the below situations in just the last 4 days:
1. Hey I saw my friend.
2. Get to the other side faster you pedestrian, I have to go by quickly.
3. Hey look, I have a new horn.
4. What is this thing in the center?
5. This thing sounds really cool, let me press it a couple of times to see if the sound changes.
6. Mr. Policeman, I have waited for 30 seconds, now let traffic from our side go forward.
7. I am really bored now.
8. I am going left (or right), watch out!
9. Good morning (to fellow drivers).
10. I am a new driver, I was told by my instructor to sound horn frequently.
11. I want to pass by or overtake you, lemme go.
12. Everyone else is doing it, so maybe its part of the driving experience.
13. All the trucks are telling me its ok to sound my horn, so there.
14. I was going to fall asleep, so I pressed the horn to wake myself up.
15. God, I hate this traffic, so I am going to express my frustration by sounding the horn.
16. Its early morning, (or mid afternoon, or late night) so I should let everyone know I am here.
17. We are near a hospital zone and the road sign says dont sound the horn, so I am going to express my sense of civil disobedience.
18. I have this little kid sitting on my lap (on the drivers seat), and he’s the one that’s sounding the horn, not me!
19. I am backing up, so watch out everyone else behind me. (this is in addition to that annoying noise coming from my reverse gear tune).
20. Damm motorcycle drivers, think they own the road.

Please feel free to add below situations where you feel you saw the sounding of the horn different from quite possibly its original intention.

Photo: Ananth Narayan! Thank you Ananth.