Advertising spend: US and India a comparison

I saw this very cool chart on advertising from Erik on Techcrunch (via First Round Capital)

Newspaper spend in US is about 10% of total advertising spend and is receding at 7% YoY.

Compare this to advertising spend in India:

1. Newspapers (46%); growing at 6% annual. (household reach = 65%)
2. Broadcast and Cabel TV 41% growing at 8% annual (household reach = 55%)
3. Internet (<1%) growing at 30% (household reach = 10%)
4. Radio (5%) growing at 10% annual

and now for the kicker:
5. Mobile (<0.2%) and growing at 80% (household reach = 25%, but growing at 25%)

Indians still love newspapers and subscriptions to physical printed news are increasing not decreasing. The word among the marketers is that they may completely miss the Internet and move direct to the Mobile.