India Internet Strategy – go long and be patient

1. I hit the publish button too quick. There are many sources for # of Internet users in India.
a) Rediff: 38.5 Million, growing at 40%
b) InternetWorldStat: 42Million in 2007, 60 Million in 2008, Growing at 28%
c) Hindu: 37 Million in 2007

As I talked about it before, the the number of broadband subscribers in India is small..
1. Only 28% people have broadband access at home. Of these, over 75% have only 256 Kbps. The growth of broadband is less than 15% annually – granted this is the fastest growing of the lot but in absolute numbers still small.

2. About 10% of users come via Cyber Cafe’s. For Indian Social networks and gaming sites, this is nearly 60% of their traffic.

3. Most work related Internet is heavily monitored and restricted which means your users are primarily spending time coming via home using dial up.

So, your India internet strategy better be slow and steady.