Intel Inside, Made in China, Developed in India

Branding every PC with an Intel Inside was possibly one of the best quality initiatives that Intel taught their customers. Its probably a HBS case study in making a brand out of something most people dont visually “see”. I mean you see your PC, but its a DELL or Compaq/HP or Lenovo not an Intel machine.

Same for Made in China, but not sure the connotations are of “quality”. Usually Made in China means, inexpensive (or cheap, depending on your perspective), good enough quality (until recently) but it also means mass produced.

I am not sure we can categorize a “backlash” against the Made in China brand yet, but there are enough questions about the quality, environmental effects and type of labor pool used to build those products.

So, it begs the question, what about the “Developed in India” brand for software that has either a significant portion of its design, architecture and development or maintenance done in India. I wonder why NASSCOM or other organizations have not initiated this branding effort yet.  There is a strong need for this effort before the “Developed in India” brand does not stand for anything. Already there are signs that outsourcing is not bearing a lot of positive experiences with its customers. If the branding effort comes with some really good quality assurance of the provider, their background and assures the buyer of the authenticity of the transaction, it would go a long way in addressing cautionary tales such as the on above.