What can you learn from people that are worth more than $5 Million

There are over 1 Million people in the world who have a net worth more than US $5 Million. Here’s what’s common to them all:
1. First and foremost, they are almost always entrepreneurs — risk takers for whom wealth is a byproduct of pursuing their passion.

2. They’re friendly and fond of new experiences, traits that put them on a collision course with new opportunities.

3. They’re too pigheadedly optimistic to heed the long odds and call it quits.

4. And almost all of them made their fortune in a big lump sum after many years of effort.

5. Rich folks often make their fortunes after they make up their minds to
solve a problem or do something better than it’s been done before.

6. Getting rich also requires a certain amount of stubbornness and clarity of purpose.

7. The odds for solo founders were more like the oft-quoted one in 10, in
part because they often found themselves working at cross-purposes with
hired guns who see things differently.

8. Paradoxically, the road to riches often means acting as if you already have that freedom.