What to do when your Google account’s disabled

I have a Google applications account for 2 domains I own. One that I use rarely and another that I use fairly frequently. This morning Chris broke a story of Nick Saber whose Gmail account was disabled. Possibly due to security reasons, quite possibly something else – either ways he was locked out.

This is not the first time Google’s been heavy handed about this.

Here’s a form that you can use to address hit issue, but you need to know a lot of details you probably dont remember. Good idea to keep this written down someplace.

Brings me to another question: If its free should you expect any customer support? Obviously you sign an end user license agreement (EULA) which prevents you from account misuse etc. when you sign up. So lets assume you have not willingly violated any agreements. Still, if its free what recourse should you expect?

I suspect most companies that provide services would say – nothing.

I also suspect most individuals using the free services would say – complete restoration and basic support (with basic varying from ridiculous to the bizarre). Or they would want an explanation of why – which any vendor will not / should not provide since it then opens that vendor’s system to gaming. E.g. if I know that Google locks my account if I send more than 10 emails a day (fictitious) then I will send 9 daily and use another hack to send more.

So what would I do/suggest? For the account I care about I plan to pay the $50 / year for Google domain applications. Its a small price to pay for something that I use daily and also I dont have the time and patience to look for customer support when there’s none to be expected.