How important is a .ICO (favicon) file to your web brand?

Ever notice those tiny images that appear when you bookmark certain webpage’s on your browse?

Sacre Bleu! Moi? Bookmarks on the browser? That’s so 1999. Yes. Of the 167 Million US and over 1 Billion Worldwide Web users, only about 15 million (includes Delicious, Stumble Upon, Diijo, Mag.nol.ia. etc.) use social bookmarking services.

Most are not into the whole share your bookmarks on the cloud thing.

Granted over 40% of the are not working on a computer that’s “theirs” – its either shared or accessed from a cybercafe.

So then, when the rest of the “non Web 2.0” world bookmarks a file, its on their browser. And when they do a small image appears (or can appear in the new browsers) to further brand your website. Its called a favicon file and I just sat down with 5 random users who have things bookmarked on their browser. The only way they remember certain websites is by the logo (favicon logo) on their browser.

Its yet another opportunity to brand your website on their minds.

You can get one like I did. You’ll thank me for it.

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