Real world example of blog impact

A few weeks ago, I wrote this post on the lack of security in the Bangalore International Airport. I even got some good and indifferent comments on it. Mostly people that emailed me either said that was funny, or they opined that its was the same case in most Indian airports.

I was very surprised when on Monday at 915 AM I got a call from Gautam Banerjee from BIAL. He wanted to follow up on my blog post and said he would like to spend a few minutes to address the issue and tell me how they are fixing the problem.

Wow! To think an Indian company (for those of you that know India, this is pretty darn amazing) would actually a) Read a blog b) Do an investigation and c) Follow up on the complaint and communicate the results is short of unreal.

Added to the fact that they called up, I was pleasantly surprised with his matter-of-fact approach towards reading my blog. I did ask a few questions, and they have a google alert setup on BIAL and also Bangalore International Airport and they track it pretty frequently.

They could have acted much faster, but hey the fact that they even did something is amazing.

The end result is that every traveler now leaving Bangalore is asked to provide a legitimate ID besides their e-ticket. I can hear the brickbats already from others in Bangalore. I would also be the first to admit that the result of their “process” would not make flying any safer, but cause unnecessary “hassle” according to a few, but I think its a great step in the right direction.

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