List of India’s Most Admired Entrepreneurs : how to make your startup succeed?

Rediff has a list of India’s most admired entrepreneurs. The list comprises of individuals at very large companies in India. Here are the most interesting items I gleaned from it.

1. 16 (about 60%) of them inherited their companies. They took their companies from good positions to great positions. Examples include the Wipro Chairman – Azim Premji, Ambani’s, Wadia’s etc.
2. 10 of them were first generation entrepreneurs. They started their companies from scratch and built it within their lifetime. Examples include the Infosys founders, Tulsi Tanti and Airtel founder.
3. 11% of them are in Information technology & telecommunications (Wipro, Infosys, Airtel) etc.
4. Over 80% of the entrepreneurs have their wealth spread across multiple industries and have a Group of companies.
5. No women. That’s sad. I can think of several that are doing an awesome job – Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Archana Bhatnagar of Haylide

I would love to see the same picture in 2020. With 60% companies from first time entrepreneurs, and 30% of them being women entrepreneurs.

What will it take to get there? a) Determined entrepreneurs b) Mentorship and c) Access to capital.

I can help solve (b) and (c). We need more (a).