Designing feature rich vs. feature right

Feature right must always be better right?  John from Zumboni guest blogs at GigaOm, talking about the super phone. In it he makes the argument for a new class of phones that is higher in feature / function than a smart phone calling the smart phones.

Then view this piece in NY Times by David Pogue on an “email only device” the Peek.”

Also view this $20 (no long term contracts) phone from Spice. It has numbers, a speaker and a microphone – no display BTW. There’s another company making a $10 phone (again, this is the unlocked phone, no contracts).

This is the new digital “divide”. A phone with everything for someone and another with only one thing for everyone (well, everyone that wants email that is).

I am always reminded of the microwave at home, which has a clock display. Now, 90% of homes in India, turn their microwaves “off” when not in use. So the “clock feature” is mostly useless.

For over 80% of the “non power users”, the basic 3-5 features are the ones they use 80% of the time. Get that right and the rest is just gravy (OR useless depending on your viewpoint).