How I deal with Information overload on a personal basis

There are way too many social networks, Web 2.0 sharing properties and the like for me (and most others) to have enough time to spend. There’s even a term that’s been coined – Attention economy. Many startups are being told ” where attention flows, money flows”.

There are 3 strategies I have adopted to avoid information overload. One of the is what Clay talked about last week at Web 2.0 apparently.

1. Decide what’s important vs. useful. Useful to me is immediately actionable within a week. I spend my time to do what’s important right now and Instapaper the useful stuff.

2. Build good filters. I have over 1800 friends on Facebook and have met at least 1500 of them in conferences, etc. Rest I have been either conversing on Twitter or been introduced by another friend. I get a ton of things on my Newsfeed. I love the new Facebook filters. Use them constantly and you get great results. They give you control on what appears on your feed and who appears.

3. Outsource some attention filtering. I used to subscribe, scan and track over 400 bloggers. Now I have outsourced my reading by only reading 5 of my friends shared items and HackerNews. They cull the best and give me the stuff that matters. Get good filter friends to share with you on Google Reader.

What’s your strategy? What techniques help you best filter the noise or the news – depending on what you want to filter?

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