Why Intuit’s Quicken beat Microsoft Money? Or did it?

Microsoft Money is dead.

Long live Intuit Quicken?

No. I disagree that Quicken beat Money.

What beat Money was not marketing from Quicken either.

People prefer automation. It takes time to fire up Quicken or Money or any other program to keep track of your expenses and log your checks. Only the geeks or ones with OCD went to get checks that could be printed from Quicken.

The rest of us wanted something or someone to automate it. This “rest of us” is a very small fraction of folks, actually. The rest (greater than 50%) dont care how much they spend since they have a good enough “feel”.

What killed Money was the effort to reward ratio was too little.

You spend 4 hours a month to get a report that tells you where you spent your money. Then what?