How to increase your sales and improve your luck with one simple step

I had a VP of Sales who would exhort to his team the importance of “showing up“, which according to him improved chances of winning the deal by 50%.

That has been the only proven way I know to increase sales. 
Yes, more customers are researching and buying online researching and buying online, and yes, prospects are not picking up the phone when you cold call, but 95% of retail is offline with real people involved. The people that win are the ones that showed up.
Its a cliche, but trust and relationships are the most important part of any buying process. People tend to buy from companies and people they trust or have a relationship with.
Here are 3 things I would suggest as new year resolutions:
1. Show up at at least 1 networking event (Meetup, unconference, etc) a month or a quarter. 
2. Use your network to go and meet 1 new person each month. Help them in any small way you can.
3. Attend the top industry conference in your area and setup meetings with prospects to meet them at their office.
Photo credit: Funchye