Doing what’s important versus doing everything at your startup

I read this interesting piece on Wired on how everyone should be a developer. You have probably heard this and many other things before, so let me overwhelm you right away. 

1. Founders should code.
2. Founders should be sales people.
3. Founders should be marketers.
4. Founders should do customer support .
5. Founders should raise money .
6. Founders should be product managers.
7. Founders should do their own public relations.
8. Founders should be CEO’s.
9. Founders should flip burgers (no kidding).
Is there anything that as founders you should not do? Well the only thing I have heard so far is to get a lawyer.
I love the DIY approach as much as the next guy, but before you decide there’s no way you can be an entrepreneur if you need to do all this, hold on.
Do what you are good at and like, and ensure that the rest gets done.
There have been founders of technology companies with commerce backgrounds, like my friend Alok, founders of restaurants with technology backgrounds, like my friend Gaurav.
Nope, they did not do everything. They surrounded themselves with people who were good at other things, that they trusted, and they focused on getting the right things done.