The “real” count of total active Internet users in India

IAMAI along with IMRB just completed a Digital Commerce report for India. Some highlights:

1. Total number of users in India (claimed by TRAI) = 81 Million
2. Total number of users active (once a year, this is a guess) = 52 Million
3. Total number of active users (once a month, per report above) = 17.5 Million
4. Total users who have claimed to have bought something online (per report above) = 7.4 Million
5. Total users who have (Caris report, Sandeep Aggarwal ) transacted online = 18% of 52M = 9.36 Million
6. Total broadband users in India according to TRAI = 12 Million (I presume this is home users, not office)
7. Total number of users with broadband data card (According to social analytics company Vangal) = 3.2 Million
8. Number of active mobile Internet users (according to Juxt Consult)  = 15 Million
Conflicting numbers from Google.
9. 40 Million users access broadband Internet from work
10. 30 Million users access Internet from CyberCafe
11. Consistent with 11 Million users with broadband from home
12. 40 Million users access Internet from mobile phones
If we assume more than 1 person users Internet from home and only 1 person uses a data card, there are at least 20 Million active users of the Internet from PC’s. Including about 20 Million active mobile GPRS users, accounting for 55% of them to be dual users (Both PC and mobile), there are a total of 30 Million active Internet users in India.

Update: There are 16-20 Million facebook users with India as their primary country (in profile). Source: Indus.