Which startup technology awards should you focus on?

There are many startup awards that companies and entrepreneurs are vying for these days. There are many benefits to winning an award, with the 3 most valuable being:

1. Recognition among potential customers and partners who could potentially be interested in your company thanks to all the press coverage and awareness.

2. Potential introductions to investment and funding from venture capitalists and other potential investors.

3. The award might carry some cash payments which certainly helps (large or small).

That said the effort to fill out lengthy application forms, preparing a custom demo and the costs to travel and spend precious time deters many entrepreneurs from participating in these awards.

I made a quick list of the awards that I track and some of which my company is very keen to participate and win. There are over 100+ awards in the Technology startup space alone – each country, many large cities and every blog and event have one. I have tried to list them based on the amount of twitter mentions associated with the award over the last year. Also the top awards are based on their value and the “prestige” associated with the award, not the award payout.

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  1. Inc 500  http://www.inc.com/inc5000/welcome: One of the most prestigious. Fastest growing company across multiple industries.
  2. Crunchies http://crunchies.techcrunch.com/ : Very coveted by web application and mobile startups mostly. Companies that win tend to get funding fairly easily.
  3. Red Herring http://www.redherring.com/RHA/2011.html : They were the benchmark a few years ago, and still are a very respected award.
  4. Webby Awards http://www.webbyawards.com/about/ I dont really know much about the value, but Webby award winners get a tremendous amount of press coverage.
  5. DEMO http://www.demo.com/ Before the Crunchies, this was the gold standard event
  6. Deloitte Technology Fast 50 http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_IN/in/industries/technology-media-telecommunications/the-deloitte-technology-fast-50 Well respected, well screened and very valuable.
  7. TechCrunch Disrupt http://disrupt.techcrunch.com/SF2011/ Quick, 2-3 day application startups tend to be the ones that participate. Since they are fairly new, still limited knowledge about their value exists.
Other awards of note.
  1. Launch Conference awards http://www.launch.is/
  2. Mashable Awards http://mashable.com/awards/pages/about
  3. SeedCamp http://www.seedcamp.com/
  4. GetJar Gettie Awards http://www.gettieawards.com/
  5. NEN http://www.hotteststartups.in/
  6. NASSCOM Product Conclave http://emerge.nasscom.in/2011/08/nasscom-emerge-50-awards-nominations-extended-till-10th-september-2011/
  7. TIE 50 http://www.tie50.net/TiE50Awards/
  8. Mobile World Congress (App Challenge) award http://www.mobileappchallenge.com/
  9. UK Startup 100 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/technology-startup100/
  10. Proto http://www.proto.in/
  11. BOSSIE (Open Source Software) Awards http://www.infoworld.com/d/open-source-software/bossie-awards-2011-the-best-open-source-desktop-and-mobile-software-171722-0
  12. TechSparks YourStory.in http://yourstory.in/
  13. Unpluggd Awards http://www.unpluggd.org/
  14. Seattle 2.0 http://www.seattle20.com/awards/startup-demo.aspx
  15. Startup 2.0 http://www.startup2.eu/
  16. Mobile App World Awards http://www.mobileappsworld.net/awards/index.html
  17. Startup Warsaw http://warsaw.startupweekend.org/2011/05/16/warsaw-startup-weeekend-awards/
  18. Startups UK http://www.startups.co.uk/startups-awards
  19. Dutch Startup Rally http://dsa.thenextweb.com/?lang=nl
  20. Silicon India Startup City http://www.siliconindia.com/events-overview/startup-city-Mumbai-StartupcityMUMBAI2011.html
  21. Microsoft BizSparks Award http://www.microsoft.com/bizspark/
  22. Indonesia SparxUP http://www.sparxup.com/about
  23. Miami Technology Summit Awards http://www.miamitechnologysummit.com/
  24. Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies Enterprise Awards http://philadelphiapact.com/programs-events/enterprise-awards/
  25. Sydney Tech23 Awards http://www.tech23.com.au/
  26. The Europas http://eu.techcrunch.com/tag/europas/

2 thoughts on “Which startup technology awards should you focus on?”

  1. the benefits are nice; however, i think if at the startup stage you focus on interacting with customers, building a great product and revenue, benefits 2 and 3 will fall in place without the distraction of competitions. traction and revenue will get the attention of investors.

  2. While tracking the number of tweets and other social media metrics to awards over the long term should yield some interesting statistics, it’s hard to believe that pursuing awards rather than actual customers is the wisest use of a startup’s precious time in most cases. It’s hard to win an award even when you deserve it. Putting all of your eggs in this basket can be devastating if you don’t win. On the flip side, other types of promotion such as working on social media can help you build a steady customer base and with a lot of services mentioned at http://buyfacebookfansreviews.com you can do this fairly easily. Also communicating with bloggers, while difficult, can also be a rather positive thing for a lot of startups. I think a lot of startups die because they run out of money too quickly, so focusing on awards rather than a sure thing (customers) can be really harmful if you don’t win an award. That being said, if you do have the resources to pursue some of these awards in a serious manner, and if you have contacts where you can give yourself a good chance of winning, it might be a good idea to pursue some of these.

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