Have you praised an entrepreneur lately?

Merchant of Venice

Act I. Scene III.

Shylock: …

Still have I borne it with a patient shrug,

For sufferance is the badge of all our tribe

I am pretty sure Shylock was referring to the “entrepreneurs” tribe. 

We all suffer daily cuts, wounds, bruises and nicks.

We go on for long and short periods being misunderstood.

Every entrepreneur suffers those bouts of self doubt, lack of self belief and emotional distress.

So remind yourself this:

Have you praised an entrepreneur lately?

If not, pick up the phone and do it. Dont email.

Just call her and ask her out for a coffee to chat about other stuff like books, movies, sports, music. 

She (and all of us) go through ups and downs daily.

One thought on “Have you praised an entrepreneur lately?”

  1. This is exactly why an Entrepreneur in India feels dejected and down in the dumps within a first few years of starting. No one wants to appreciate. I had a great discussion with Vinita Deshmukh (RTI, To the Last Bullet, Pune) about this yesterday.

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