The hacker, the hustler and the hipster. A modern day startup fable

And they all lived happily ever after.

“Why would you begin the story with the end” asked my daughter. “That’s because, that’s how all stories begin – with an end in mind”, I replied, very seriously.

From the corner of her eye, Shawna glanced at the nondescript clock, at Rosie’s coffee shop. Whipping out her most trusted friend from her clutch, she knew the buzzing sound either meant, “mom calling” (again) or her appointment was late (again). It was neither. “Dont these guys value time? Or do they think of themselves as gods?” she wondered. It had been nearly 4 weeks of “looking for the right cofounder”. She had faithfully attended multiple hackathons, a meetup on big data and the “perfect one” was still elusive.

InvalidURIError; URI,split

Time to hit StackExchange again, was Jake’s thinking. 2 and a half hours wasted, he thought. Not sure if its a OAuth problem or a path error. Who ever said Ruby on Rails is simple, has a pretty sick sense of humor. He’d spent all afternoon trying to get a OAuth working on rails 3. Not much luck. ‘A lesser mortal’ (just a programmer, not a real hacker) was how he felt after the failed interview at a hot San Francisco startup. The rejection was reason enough to spend time implementing a new “idea” he had from last week. “When it gets big, they will regret not hiring me”.

Where’s the RGB color chart when you need it? What the code for Ceil Blue and what’s the difference between that and Cerulean Blue? Why is my client asking for the 14th version of the logo when their requirements were “Cool. Youth brand. Innovative”. Seriously, who gives requirements like that to design a logo, thought Trip. Being a much sought-after UI designers has its perks I guess, with the endless work that I can charge a premium for, but the downside is expectation of “Rockstar” that comes with it.

Trip, Jake and Shawna met at Google I/O and I guess you can say they hit off well.


I was bored last night and thought there’s really no good fiction fable that’s been written about the modern day (read Ramen noodles, Red Bull and Social, Local and Mobile) startup. Except if you consider “The social network”. So I thought I’d start to write on. Its a fable, not a book. I am also trying my hand on this crowd sourcing bit, so I’ll only write if there’s interest.

Please drop me a comment if you think this fable’s worth pursuing.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading “Monk and the riddle” by Randy Komisar. It was about starting up and starting up for a good reason – “Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?” while starting a venture.

    Will look forward to your fable. 🙂

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