I’d buy a facebook phone today

What if?

1. Every time someone called me on my phone I get all their details, some specific reminders of their recent interests, likes and dislikes and what they are thinking.

2. I get their photo, recent images and where they had recently been on vacation, so my conversations are more engaging.

3. I dont have to pay for Text messaging (SMS) fees to chat with them and instead use the phone’s messaging function and only pay for data (not voice).

P.S. I am still trying to figure out why so many folks like voice calls instead of text messages or email.

4. I can only share my photos with my existing friends and family (automatically), with no need to manually upload, sync, tag etc.

5. I only get calls from pre-selected folks in my friend list (who I have authorized) or from companies I have confirmed a liking or intention to work with. Others need to send me a “message” so I can add them to my list if desired.

That’s something I’d pick over a “regular” android or iPhone.

That’s possibly the facebook mobile phone.

I believe, (if it comes), facebook wont focus on a hardware device. Just a software OS (fBOS sounds good) that is manufactured by HTC, Samsung, Nokia and others.

One thought on “I’d buy a facebook phone today”

  1. All of the above functionality is available on any Android phones. You can syndicate all of yours LInkedIn + FB + GMAIL + Yahoo + Exchange +… accounts together. I am using this functionality for the last year+ on my Android and before – on my Palm phone.

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