Why is there no data only cell carrier

If facebook, Amazon and Barnes and Nobel are building their own tablets and “cell” phones, why is there not a cell carrier who only offers a data plan?

What about all those internet devices that are going to come on the grid in a few years. The Internet of things only need data, not voice.

No minutes for talking.

No SMS plan to send unlimited text messages.

Just a data plan.

Apparently I am not the only one who thought of this.

There’s a operator in Bangladesh who only offers a data plan. But besides that the market is wide open.

There’s a huge market potential for this I believe. Okay, maybe a large one. Or a relatively smaller one, but there’s one for sure.

5 thoughts on “Why is there no data only cell carrier”

  1. Amazon did that with the Kindle (ereader) unlimited data plan. They did this by buying wholesale data from Sprint as an MVNO and amortizing it.

    When Sprint was prepping its WiMax plan, they were also planning the same thing – data only access for the internet of things. Sadly, Wimax never took off.

    In the US the probability of there being a device which bundles this is higher than a carrier offering this – So we have to wait for Apple Googola and Amazon to jump into this.

  2. Quick few points :

    – What is the advantage of only ” data plan ” carrier viz-a-viz full service telecom carriers ?
    – Also, Vodafone, Idea, etc etc all have data only sim cards for tablets and separate data plans for voice + usage ?

    1. I dont know if its an advantage as much as a focus on data alone should lower costs of monthly service. I am looking for a new MVNO who will only provide data service, with peering accounting for a lower overall data costs.

  3. It completely makes sense Mukund… On the one hand, we are gung-ho about increasing usage of mobile internet but are still riding on voice infrastructure. I think it will relatively require a lean infrastructure – from POS to operations to customer servicing team…

  4. Unfortunately MVNO didnt take off well in India, as government was keen on providing new licenses with in the available spectrum. However, I do accept there are many other niche services where MVNO can only tap

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