A closed letter to all open letter writers

After seeing many open letters, I have a few questions of open letter writers (including me).

1. If you did not publish it on your blog, was your intent to send your communication via a handwritten Inland letter?

2. Has anyone ever responded to the open letter? If so, has anyone ever sent a closed reply to an open letter?

3. At what point did you decide to name the title “An open letter to …”? Before or after you wrote the letter?

4. When did you come to the realization that its was harder to come up with a more catchy title?

5. If closed letter’s became a meme would you jump on that bandwagon as well?


1. one

2. two

3. three

Before the usual flame throwers barge in, yes this is my attempt at humor.

2 thoughts on “A closed letter to all open letter writers”

  1. Haha… good one! 😀

    i just hope this does not start a chain of replies starting with “A closed letter to a closed letter writer writing to open letter writers…” 😛

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