The Microsoft Surface: Why I’d buy it

Microsoft announced a new device today called the Surface. I’d buy it immediately if it were available. Why?

1. I dont believe it is a tablet, although it can be used as one. I believe it falls into the same line as the Mac Book Air. Its a really thin notebook with a Z-height that’s simply awesome. Light and yet fully functional. I use my iPad purely for leisure – reading mostly and the kids use it for gaming. To get work done, I need a notebook. My current notebook’s pretty heavy and I’d love the ability to add a keyboard (which is what the surface does very well). So, out goes my notebook and its going to be replaced by the Surface.

2. I dont think the partners (HP, Dell, etc.) are going to get happy with Microsoft, because they’d now be competing with the device, but I also think MSFT is borrowing a leaf from the Google Android playbook. The Galaxy nexus was by far the best Android device I have used (Got it as a gift from my brother at Google), but Samsung Galaxy S II and S III (and the others like HTC) are pretty good as well. I think MSFT is creating a benchmark for what a great device running their software will look like.

3. My primary use of computing on the go is my mobile device. I tried the iPad, but its not suited for my style of intense use of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and some development. I need a notebook, but one that’s a lot less heavy and if I dont need the keyboard I want the option of using it as a leisure device as well – (as an iPad if you like).

I’d buy it and give away my notebook if it were available today.

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  1. Great – can we replace the OS then? BTW – do you work or consult with MSFT Mukund? Just kidding – agreed – it looks like a great piece of toy. When is it going to be available? Nothing announced yet though.

    1. I neither work nor consult with Microsoft Sudhi, but I do like some of their products. I love Google as well and wont give up Google apps. I have moved away from desktop apps to cloud.

  2. I too need a light robust device to use but ‘with’ my notebook (for desk/day long work) … the whole idea of using one is stressful as ‘sync’ between the devices would be horrible.

    Just imagine you get up from your desk, carry this device & just start working from where you left it ! All the open tabs, windows, documents… logged in profiles right there..from your notebook !!

  3. Ridiculous. What if it has 2 hours of battery life? Microsoft is such a joke… no price, no battery life, no availability…. NO CHANCE.

    1. Jeff, good point about battery. Price – not so much – Anything in the $500-$700 is what I think it will price the lower-end model. I dont think Microsoft’s intention is to have a DOA on their hands. I am getting 2.5 hours of battery with my notebook currently. If I get 4 hours, I’d be happy and anything more is a done deal.

      1. Is 2-3 hours adequate for a tablet?? Mukund… you are a smart guy….but you have to think this through in the mindset that this thing is a cross-over-hybrid-PC-Tablet device which will likely not do anything well. Too many masters… The biggest innovation of this product is a keyboard/cover. Seriously, an attachable/detachable keyboard/cover. Everyone is crowing abut this keyboard/cover.

        Wow. Let me give up my 10 hour/200,000+ touch optimized app iPad for this thing with a keyboard/cover and no optimized touch apps, horrible battery life, and the reliability/security of Windows.

        IMO… if you want full function in a 2 lb package have you used an 11 inch Macbook Air? It has a bigger screen, long battery life, the ability to use full-native applications, TWO USB ports, and a great keyboard (not not made of chick lets) — and I bet this thing will cost the same money. You can walk into a Bestbuy today and pickup a Core i5 11 inch Air for $700 and change.

        I watched the Microsoft launch, and could not help but see very little difference between this product and past MSFT tablet efforts…. and those are terribly failures with the same basic formula that this product delivers. …. I especially liked the fact that it has “vents” for the bigger model… I can imagine the fan noise now. Vents…. VENTS!!

        I guess you do need the keyboard, to perform a CNTR-ALT-DEL when it locks up.

  4. Echo your thoughts completely …

    My iPad has kind of become a toy for my son … It is not light or small enough to read a book lying down ( i prefer the 7″ kindle) and it is not resourceful enough or powerful enough to do any productive work …

    At this point, my two main gadgets are my smart phone (email and occasional web browsing) and my laptop …

    I was tempted to take the intel ultra books ….as it will reduce the weight …..

    MS’s Surface looks to be a very nice device … suited for both productive work .. and handy (lightweight and easy to carry)

    Looking forward for its commercial launch….

    If only they had integrated kinect into it … and enabled gesture control 🙂

    However, I am sure the future is not far now ..

    1. Oh please… bring me Windows on my tablet. I can’t wait for McAfee to update, the system to reboot to install patches, the application is not responding messages… I just can’t wait. Give it to me now. I don’t care about the battery life. I do not care about the cost. I do not care…as long as I get Word.

      because “this time… it will be different….trust me” – PC, 2010…Mac vs. PC Ad

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