Big disruptions in the recruitment industry

There are 2 interesting links today that are worth reading. One from Pando daily says Angel List is helping match 600+ potential hires to startup companies each week. That’s a huge number.

“Rather than operating like a normal job board, it matches people who failed to raise money or whose startup didn’t work out with companies that have yet to raise money.”

Second, an article on LinkedIn about how recruiters now use LinkedIn as their primary sourcing tool.

“LinkedIn enjoys a vast sweet spot between those two extremes, helping fill high-skill jobs that pay anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000 or more a year.”

Search agencies now get less than 2% of Adobe’s business in the Americas. (Compared to 20%)

I love it. Larger companies are going to LinkedIn to bypass recruiters and smaller companies are being introduced by more effective job boards. Granted this wont work for 100% of the companies, but it will work for 80% of a certain type of roles.

So what happens to the traditional recruiter?

The same thing that SaaS did to enterprise sales people. The quality sales people who built relationships will be enormously successful. The mediocre ones will be relegated to a inside sales position with vastly different jobs. They will focus on nurturing their prospective employees instead of spamming them with job descriptions.

Hiring for startups will never be the same again for sure.