Monday morning thanks to 3 people that keep me blogging

Short post – mostly thanks.

I took a conscious decision to blog more and attend fewer events this year. So far, I am keeping the blog end of the bargain.

I have found that to have the discipline to do something frequently you have to get people to help support you. Three people have done that by consistently commenting frequently and most importantly giving me alternative perspectives and made me think.

Ravi Srinivas, Vikram Janardhan and Sangeetha Bajaj – thank you very much.

Thanks you to I look forward to writing half baked posts, just so I can get some reaction.

3 thoughts on “Monday morning thanks to 3 people that keep me blogging”

  1. Most welcome Mukund.

    Your posts are honest – besides being informative, anecdotal, short and crisp, I like the dry, self-deprecating humor that your posts are generally peppered with. Like the reference to half-baked posts in this one 🙂

    Have an awesome week all. Good day!

  2. Pleasure Mukund, and please mention not, because you are indeed doing a yeoman’s service, and filling a critical gap in the media for (tech) entrepreneurs in India, who need practical tips like the ones you provide rather that big ‘gyans’. On a slightly different note, comments (and may I include Likes as well) may not be the truest measure of engagement – you may get encouragement from them, but I personally know of people who do not necessarily comment (or Like) but who frequently read your posts, and even discuss some of ’em offline.

  3. Nice learn that you are constantly motivated by them :). One question,when you are lows(extreme frustration ex even the plan B and C have failed) whom do you generally turn up to for advice or go for a restful gap and come back re-energized?

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