Apple to announce iEar – Babel fish earpiece for realtime language translation

Spoiler alert – Title is link bait.

I have 4 kids, one who’s learning French at school, another who’s learning Hindi and 2 others who only speak Kannada. Parents keep asking me if they should be teaching their kids Mandarin or French, or any other “spoken language”.

I dont quite understand why they would do that. I mean, I do but I dont really.

Teach your kids Javascript or some other programming language instead is my answer.

In my lifetime for sure, the Babel fish is going to happen. Imagine a bluetooth like headset that fits into your ear and does a real time translation of every spoken language. Google glass is almost here.

I imagine Apple “iEar” is not far away.

iEar works with Nuance on the cloud and translates every spoken language into a language of your choice. It has a small mic, so you can hear the other person’s spoken words and a ear headset for it to translate it into your language of choice.

So why Javascript? (Or really any other programming language)?

iEar is a piece of hardware no doubt, but its mostly software and on the cloud.

French wont go away, but it dealing with it will become easy thanks to Apple iEar.

2 thoughts on “Apple to announce iEar – Babel fish earpiece for realtime language translation”

  1. Duh! I fell for the title .But like the idea ,really interesting. Worth a hack for sure!

  2. Mukund,

    I get what you are saying.
    My take is that its good for kids to learn one language other than what they speak at home (presumably mother tongue) and what they learn for their careers (English).
    Even more so for those parents who believe in speaking English at home to make their kid better at it.
    It’s been published many times over that its best to learn new languages when you are a kid.
    Regardless of iEar, learning a language (read + speak + write) has its own charm and benefits.
    I guess not every kid needs to be a hacker in the future. 🙂

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