Why I am reducing my face-to-face mentoring & advisory sessions

I have many friends and acquaintances who have been reaching out to get some face time with me for brainstorming and advice. Usually its about their company or their career. I love these sessions and used to keep my 2pm to 3pm slot only for these meetings. It was like an office hours to meet people who reached out and would like to chat and meet.

Lately though, I have been declining those meetings. The issue is time.

I have 4 kids and a patient wife, and I am trying to prioritize family over work or business. This means I have limited time slotted to meet folks outside of the work environment.

Its a lot easier to find time to blog, email, discuss on Hackerstreet or be on the phone. The face-to-face meeting is very time consuming.

It starts out mostly with good intentions. Most emails I get ask for 15 – 30 min, but I feel guilty to give them that little amount of time after they have made the hike all the way from where they work / live to come and meet me. So its invariably a 1 hour meeting.

I also have some great folks working with me as part of our team. I have to prioritize time with them first. So the average 8-9 hours at work goes towards running projects, talking to customers, working on my to-do list and mentoring my direct reports.

I started initially with the intention to make a contribution to startups in India. I would meet and actively participate at many conferences, events and sessions. I am still doing that, but my focus is to spend more time with few people, instead of doing a quick meet-and-greet at those events.

So if you wish to catch up face-to-face, please meet me at one of the conferences / speaking engagements.

I usually meet / speak at 1-2 events each month. I promise to stay later and come early to these so I can devote time to learning from you and giving you my opinions.

I know this is not ideal for most entrepreneurs, but I would prefer to set expectations to not meet at all and make meeting face-to-face the exception than the rule.

I am always available via email (mukund @ thrisha.com) or phone: +91 998 054 2748.

Thanks for understanding.

8 thoughts on “Why I am reducing my face-to-face mentoring & advisory sessions”

  1. Your contribution to the startup ecosystem is remarkable. Even if you are not available face to face for everyone who approaches you, you can help lots of folks out there, who need advise and support from you. Is Email the best way to contact you?

  2. How about Video conferencing. I think it will benefit both. Use 10 min video conference with the folks whom you think you should give time. That way it also reduce the time on travel too.

  3. Hey Mukund, Good luck with managing the many demands on your time; glad I got some of it when I was starting up 🙂 Generosity with knowledge and connections is part of your DNA; I’m sure everyone will understand, especially when you’ve put it so clearly.

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