A new type of agency will be born – Klout Score Optimization (KSO) agency

<Disclosure: Joe F (Klout cofounder) is a friend I was one of the early beta adopters of the Klout API at BuzzGain. We benefited greatly from his product>.

I dont claim to understand Klout. I mean I do, but I really dont. I dont understand what its trying to measure. Michael has a post on how he changed his mind.

I had a friend who recently told me that he was looking at his Klout score and wanted some help to figure out how to make it go higher. I was shocked. What? Why? Who cares about your Klout score?

Turns out his potential employer did.

Maybe its because deep down I hate these numeric ranking lists, given my own low score.

Maybe its because in India there’s still a VVIP list for *everything*. Even to buy groceries, which really is very irritating.

Maybe it because I believe in a more egalitarian society.

Maybe its just because I dont have influence or “Klout”.

So what Klout really measure?

1. How many followers you have on twitter? Which you can apparently buy at $18/thousand followers?

2. How many people Retweet you? Which I think is more a measure of the content than the fact that you tweeted it?

3. How influential (their Klout score) are your followers? Which can be gamed.

Any many other such inane metrics.

Michael says its like Google’s pagerank, which has many (over 200+) signals and is an indication of “authority” of the page.

Hence my prediction:

In a year from now, there will be multiple KSO (Klout Score Optimization) agencies which will help you grow your Klout score.

They will help authors, politicians, musicians, artists and many other vain folk who will use these agencies to “pump” up their Klout score.

And we will all live happily ever after.

<No really I am not being sarcastic>.

For those who care, my Klout score is 78. Which means you need to bow down before me and genuflect when you see my cape.

6 thoughts on “A new type of agency will be born – Klout Score Optimization (KSO) agency”

  1. Dear Mukund,
    Great post…Even I did not find it sarcastic when I read the topic in the mail..
    Are there any such agencies at this moment in India…
    Else someone I know might be looking at starting one soon.. 🙂

    1. Good lord. Even my humor is bad. No Rajan there are no such agencies in India. I just made the term up. I doubt more than 5 people in the work even know or care about KSO.

  2. But if the KSO agencies will really pop up, isn’t it because the whole concept has a merit? Then the Klout company will have to improve their algorithms to not be gamed. To sum it up, appearance of such agencies is more a proof of concept, that a problem.

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