Givers and takers – a post on being a parallel entrepreneur

I often hear from many entrepreneurs about their desire to “give back”. Only after they have “made it”. What’s “making it” I ask? Usually its some form of monetary success or company milestone.

Here’s what I have learned – there’s no right time to start giving back. The right time is always. Right now. Today. This hour.

You may have heard of the term serial entrepreneur. Also the term parallel entrepreneur. I dont particularly like either term, but to me, a parallel entrepreneur is one that gives as much or as as quickly as she takes.

There are lots of takers, everywhere. Enough people seek out mentors, advisors, connectors and investors.

Not enough people are givers. Not enough people are coordinators, organizers, connectors and volunteers.

This has to change. You dont have to get enough to start giving. You can give a lot initially and trust me, the getting part happens extremely quickly.

We need more Avinash Raghava’s to help organize volunteer driven organizations.

We need more Subhendhu’s to help bring together Reverse pitch.

We need more Kiran’s to organize hasgeek forums.

We need more Chidambar’s to help bring Statup weekend’s to us.

I am missing many more. They are the unsung heros. They are really the parallel entrepreneurs.

I think they all deserve more of an applause than we give them. They should be an inspiration for us all to become parallel entrepreneurs.

Above all, be a force of good.

8 thoughts on “Givers and takers – a post on being a parallel entrepreneur”

  1. I guess giving has high importance not only in parallel but also as an entrepreneur.

    Most of the time i’m building my product i think of my users and how i can give them the best and most as compared to the competitors. It’s better to ERR on the side of giving more than the money you may take from your own customers.

    Giving as side activities is another thing..but giving starts at ‘home’ 🙂

  2. Very well said Mukund !! Giving is an ability and can happen regardless of the state of the entrepreneur’s venture. With a similar thought in mind, I started Bootstrap Bangalore (, while I am still fighting it out; but now it has become a habit and lots of fun…

    Giving with actionable impact is a need for entrepreneur ecosystem in India. I really hope this happens more often, which might eventually create powerful Indian companies.

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