Early access: Quick review of BoxTV.COM

A good friend Abhishek from Tlabs gave me a preview access 2 weeks ago to BoxTv.com. Its dubbed as “Hulu for India”.

I am not a big TV or movie watcher (We dont have a TV at home, have not had it for many years now), so take this review with a grain (or more) of salt. I have only watched 1-2 partial movies. They dont have any TV shows yet.

The top things I liked:

1. Content selection (especially Hindi and English) is excellent. There are hundreds of movies that I have not seen at all (again that’s not saying much). The old hindi movie selection is particularly good.

2. Streaming is instantaneous and quick. The overall experience was pretty good and there were no glitches. I did have a problem the first time I logged in, post which there have been no bumps.

3. Connecting with facebook allows me to see other movies my friends watch, which was interesting, but not very useful. I realize I dont watch enough movies and TV to even know which of my friends have similar likes and interests.

4. Very easy to skip to certain parts of the movie quickly. Yes, I only watch the songs and skip most of the movie (grin)

5. Below each movie page there are important clips (between 2 and 3 min each) which are like the highlights reel. Loved that feature the most.


Things I did not like:

1. No support for mobile phone. Most of my work is now on my phone. Its a fairly large screen device, so I am not using my notebook for much. Since BoxTV is based on flash, support for mobile phones is non existent.

2. No sports and limited content for kids. If there was ever a reason to watch TV I’d buy it for NFL, tennis and cricket. Everything else is a waste of time at our home. Kids love many of the cartoon shows, and there were very few of them on BoxTV.

3. The filters dont work too well. If all I wanted to see was the list of latest movies, it shows me a bunch of clips (scenes) instead. What I thought it would show me is a list of the top recent movies.

4. Not enough integration with movie reviews. I’d love to find out from IMDB or rottentomatoes, which movies I should watch based on the popular list.

5. Not easy to search by actor / actress, etc. I tend to watch primarily by who’s in the movie, so this was still “in the works”.

Have you used Boxtv? What did you think?

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