The best Silicon valley startup events you should evaluate in 2013

Here is the list of the best startup & launch events that I’d like to attend in 2013. Practically I may attend only YC and 500 demo days , but if you are looking to build your 2013 list of silicon valley startup events  to attend, here’s a good place to start.

The format of this post is hard to get right on the blog, so here’s a handy Google doc of the 2013 Silicon Valley startup event list.


# Conference URL Dates Location
1 Crunchies Jan 2013 San Francisco
2 CES Jan 8-11 Las Vegas
3 MacWorld Feb 1-3 San Francisco
4 Mobile W Cong Feb 25-28 Barcelona
5 Launch Mar 4-6 San Francisco
6 CeBIT Mar 5-9 Hannover
7 SXSW I Mar 8-12 Austin
8 YC Sum Demo Mar 25 Mountain View
9 Demo Apr Apr 17-19 San Francisco
10 TC Disrupt May New York
11 Startup Conf May Mountain View
12 All things D May 28-30 Los Angeles
13 Google IO Jun 26-28 Mountain View
14 Giga Om Structure Jun 19-20 San Francisco
15 YC Fall demo Aug 21 Mountain View
16 TC Disrupt Sep 8-12 San Francisco
17 Demo Oct Oct 1-3 San Jose
18 Failcon Oct 22 San Francisco
19 AWS reinvent Nov 27-29 Las Vegas
20 LeWeb Dec 4-6 Paris
21 Pando Monthly 2 week mon San Francisco

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