Guest post from Neil Patel: 5 reasons you ought to attend NASSCOM Product Conclave


Neil Patel
Neil Patel


Neil Patel writes a very popular blog Quick Sprout and he was in India a few weeks ago for the NASSCOM product conclave. He wrote a post about his experience at the NASSCOM product conclave as a guest post for this blog.

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at NASSCOM Product Conclave in Bangalore, India. And boy what can I say other than it was one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to.

The people were friendly, the audience was very receptive to the advice they were receiving, and everyone was helping each other out so they could increase their odds of succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Here are 5 reasons you ought to attend NASSCOM Product Conclave next year.

1.     Knowledge – even as a speaker, I learned a lot from the attendees. I actually sat down with over 30 companies and gave them feedback on their product and business. At the same time they were teaching me some cool tricks on how I could grow my business. One company shared the results of 11 a/b tests they ran on their pricing page and gave me some ideas on what we should do at KISSmetrics.

2.     Giving back – unlike most events NASSCOM is fully put on by volunteers. Every single person there who helped make the event come together, did it all for free. Because of this the conference had a different vibe from the get go, as everyone there was in the giving mood. Attendees gave back by helping other attendees with their business for free.

3.     Actionable insights – NASSCOM doesn’t just let speakers speak on whatever they want. Instead they make sure they are speaking on advice that is actionable. This means you’ll be able to walk away from a session and have key takeaways on what you need to do for your business.

4.     Comfort – it’s very rare that you feel at home when you’re at a conference. At NASSCOM, not only did I feel at home, but people went above and beyond to make me enjoy the NASSCOM experience. From picking me up from the airport to offering to take me around the city, people were always there to help me out.

5.     Food – don’t you hate it when you go to conferences and all they have to eat is boxed lunches? I know I hate box lunches. Well, you won’t experience that here. They have all types of foods and best of all, everything is freshly made and isn’t boxed. You can pick what you want right when the food comes out from the kitchen.

Hopefully you go to NASSCOM Product Conclave next year as it is one of the best events you’ll ever attended… both as a speaker and attendee.