I am thankful for…

My wife, who plays the role of mom, dad, friend, console-er, shoulder-to-cry-on, lead investor and moderator to all my tantrums, antics, and diva-like tendencies.

My oldest daughter, who despite being so much of an overachiever, compared to what I had achieved even 15 years after she’s achieved them, is still humble, personable and thoughtful.

My son, who is quite possibly among the nicest brother I know (than I was for sure), still finds enough time and energy to keep the family laughing all the time.

My twin girls, who despite being on the receiving end of 90+% of my discipline, rigor and hard-work have the tenacity to keep forgiving me and still wake up every morning at 530 am and remind me that they love my hugs.

My mom, who realized her son is not the superstar engineer she always wished for, and rarely finds time to call her and just ask how she’s doing, still finds time frequently to call me after lunch to ask if I have eaten well.

My dad, who has always trusted my gut and instinct more than I have trusted my own and has never questioned a single decision I have made of which a significant number affected him sometimes adversely.

My sister, who puts up with all my constant bragging, covers up for all my short comings and blatant-overstatements-of-the-fact, with “yeah I know, but if he wanted to do that he’s the only guy who could”.

My brother-in-law and nieces who having been forced to state that I am their best friend and uncle still humor me with their constant boosting of my ego.

My friends (all of my facebook, twitter and offline ones are included no exception) who make it easier for me to hang in there for another day.

Happy thanksgiving all.

3 thoughts on “I am thankful for…”

  1. Hi Mukund, what a wonderful note, the very best thanks I have read this year. Speaking for myself, you are an invigorating and enthusiastic force in my life, and I am thankful for having gotten to know you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Mukund, thanks for continuing to be a great friend, mentor and coach, and for simplifying my life. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Mukund, Its recognizing and acknowledging what wounder full things you have is important to us and people around us. And that you have done very beautifully, knowing you is wonderful :), Happy thanks giving

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