My news diet & media consumption habits

Its very hard to not read or avoid any “other” news, especially disturbing ones. I have personally avoided reading physical newspapers for the last several years. My online Google news app is my sole news source and is customized to technology, business & science news with a few stories about sports. General news, entertainment news or politics are out. The only other reading I do is on my Google reader, which has largely developer and technology blog feeds. My general “surfing” the web is rather rare unless it appears on my Facebook or Twitter feeds.

Since we have not had a television for the last 5+ years, the only time I tend to watch television is when I walk into our office and the TV monitor near the security guard has something on. That lasts a total 10 seconds.

I do get a lot of criticism from friends about this topic. Being largely ignorant about general happenings, my conversations tend to be largely uni-dimensional. I loathe any conversations about politics, dislike talking about celebrities or movies and cant carry a sports conversation beyond 10 minutes.

I mention this because I got an message yesterday from someone who asked me to attend a meeting for a gun control bill or crimes against women (or for its support I dont remember). I ignored it. Then got another message from another friend. I “unsubscribed from that facebook message”. I am sure they think I am heartless or cruel or both.

Truth is I like living in my “fake world” of technology and entrepreneurship. Out here the issues are  superficial, like choosing between a Nokia Lumia phone and a HTC One X.

I also realize I cannot avoid the real world. So I limit my interactions with it or learning about topics such as guns. That’s my way of trying to paint a rosy picture of the world for myself. I know its probably not very healthy, but that’s the path I have chosen.

4 thoughts on “My news diet & media consumption habits”

  1. Mukund,
    I am surprised by how much this sounds like me and indeed many other startuppers that I know…kindred souls all! Guess this is a defining quality/attribute for “Hank Rearden” entrepreneurs like us!

  2. I am surprised by your choice of words like “superficial”, “fake”, “heartless”, “cruel”. This is your own conversation with self which is bound to arouse a guilt conscious in you.

    Nobody can question choices made my anyone else as far as they are within the ambit of law of land. Your choices make perfect sense to me at least.

    One should be conscious about the thoughts we are feeding to our own mind.

  3. Morning hours are meant to be better utilized. Rather than reading news papers, I would spend time on more productive activities. Same goes for the rest of the day but it is not easy to cut down on online media consumption. I feel that consuming social feeds, while necessary, should be kept to a minimum. Before knowing interweb links can kill your day. I use StayFocused plugin for Chrome to limit my social media activity.
    Thanks for initiating one more healthy discussion Mukund!

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