Trakdot Luggage Tracker – the best CES gadget


Phones, Televisions, Tablets and Watches were on display at the CES in Las Vegas, but one device which I have been tracking for a few months is TrackDot.

It is a little big, but totally awesome device that helps you track your checked-in baggage.

I rarely check in bags when I am travelling on business, but with 4 kids its hard for us to not check-in bags on vacations.

So far we have not yet lost our bags, but a couple of times my bags have arrived ” a day late” which is a major inconvenience during vacations.

TrackDot will track your baggage an let your smartphone know where your baggage is.

You put it in your bag and it sends a signal to your app on the phone so you can know exactly where it is.

It is in its version 1, so there are many limitations:

1. Its big. If fitbit can be made as small as it is, I guess TrackDot can be too. I am waiting for the next version to be smaller than my fitbit so I can conceal it in my bags.

2. It can only detect your luggage when its closer than 30 meters of your smartphone – that’s lame.

3. At $50 onetime fee, $9 one time setup and $12 annual fee, its a tad on the expensive side, for the value it provides.

4. It needs 2 AA batteries to operate. Also lame.

Ideally I’d like it to be small enough so it can be stitched into the bag / luggage. If it were offered at $25 one time purchase for the device and $10 per year for tracking upto 1 Km, that would be all we need.

Another feature I’d really like is to understand where it was last located. That will really help understand where it was possibly lost. And if it does have tracking send ability why not have it send  its location to a server where it could be located on my app on the phone.

Bag in Fargo, you in New York, but you’d still know it was in Fargo last!

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      1. Well, never done hardware device before, but its a proven tech getting used for a newer scenario so it should not be very tough to get things figured out.

        And reason this device is bulkier because it should carry much more power backup than a typical device. Devices like fitbit gets charged every day or two during data transfer. In case of luggage tracking one dont know how long its going to be away from the luggage owner. In my case luggage could have been misplaced at potentially three different location, which finally reunited with me after 2 months or so. Such device would need sufficient power to keep it ON for long time, to be effective.

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