How to do very bad marketing – an example

<Being rant>

The latest trend among US marketing folks is to put a blog post of 50 sentences into 50 slides. Not sure why a simple one page blog post wont cut it – actually wait, I do. Its to get “multiple outposts” which all say the same thing in “different ways”. Some viewers prefer SlideShare as the way to read stuff instead of text.

So what ends up happening is to read something in 2 minutes you will end up clicking 50 slides to read 50 sentences.

The part that makes no sense is that its just text in those slides. No images, no visuals, not storytelling.

Which makes it look like a Word document pasted into a PowerPoint deck.

Rather lame. Dont you think? Or am I missing something?

</End rant>

6 thoughts on “How to do very bad marketing – an example”

    1. Ruchit, I just signed up! Just so you know, the lead promise–“Add your personality, emotions & wit to . . . ” is what hooked me immediately.

  1. yep. it’s lame… disguised as hip.

    people don’t like lots of text on slides, but if they’re reading it and not listening in person, i actually think it works fairly well. too many folks assume the only people seeing their slides are in person delivery, when the reality is 10-100x may see your slides after the fact (especially on SlideShare).

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