Dont ever worry about the cynics – Do good for the sake of it

Most people want to know why we dont take any portion of company even though we offer so  much at the Microsoft accelerator.

The cynics even think we are in it to acquire these companies, or to force them to move to Microsoft technology. Its neither.

Its actually relatively simple.

Its to get more engaged with the startup community. At Microsoft we have multiple programs to do this including BizSpark, but we are not deeply engaged with startups as we’d like. We want learn about their challenges and how we can make our products a better fit for their needs as well.

I believe this to be true for my own personal life as well.

I spend a lot of time with startups (23 cities, 800+ people over 1 year), providing free sales training, spending my money for travel as well, with no intent of ever getting anything back.

I know critics and cynics thinks so I can build a brand or to “make lots of money later”.

Actually so far I have never made any money from all of these interactions and I never will.

Its simply because I want do good and I enjoy doing it.

So never bother about the cynics. Ignore them and keep doing good. It feels great and you’ll be better for it.

19 thoughts on “Dont ever worry about the cynics – Do good for the sake of it”

  1. Honestly speaking there is nothing in this world as free. There is a motive behind everything that happens. Now that motive may be just brand building for reputation purposes or creating a market for years down the line.

    As long as entrepreneurs aren’t being forced into anything, its all good (which I dont think they are). Is some of those start ups do get acquired, I am sure many founders will be glad to do so. Same way if shifting to MS technologies improve my product manifolds and I get support to do so, there is little reason why I wouldn’t want to switch at some point.

  2. Unfortunately, cynics and critics are probably the only categories of folks that our country has in abundance. We need to look beyond them to break this vicious cycle of pessimism and underachievement.

  3. When you continue doing good, but also have opportunities to say make the money, whats your view on that? As, in would you do it, even though its not really going against your philosophy of doing general good?

  4. There is life beyond money. Knowledge and expereince are to be shared, not to be sold! Keep it up, Mukund!

  5. Every action should have a purpose. Free or no-free doesn’t matter. Life without purpose has no meaning. So if you can tell the story “why you are doing all this good for free”, it not only addresses the cynics but also brings similarly motivated people/organizations to support your cause.

    Microsoft has identified Entrepreneurship ecosystem in India and want to be seen as an enabler. That could be the motivation/purpose (guessing) and that’s why they are putting in their shareholders’ money into the program. It’s not a charity, its at the very least, a goodwill exercise.

  6. I do believe it’s THE right step Microsoft needed to take. This will help Microsoft re-align it’s strategy with the need of the hour, by directly engaging with the people who are driving technology from the forefront.
    Of course, it’s immensely helpful for the folks who’ve always wanted to create something new as an entrepreneur. Win, win!

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