Differentiate with a personal touch and taking time

Given the huge number of applications we had for the accelerator, one choice we had to make was how do we let people know they did not make the cut.

Having been on the receiving end of many “rejection” emails, I hated the generic “We reviewed your application and did not think it was a fit”.

So I decided to send personal hand crafted, no cut and paste, emails to every founder we could not accept – either because of their traction, the market they chose, the incomplete team they had or the fact that there were 2-3 other applicants in the same space that were further along and had more to show.

Over the last 4 days I have reviewed hundreds of youtube videos, demos and password protected mockups and wireframes.

Its hard and takes a lot of time, but that’s how we chose to differentiate ourselves – With a personal touch and taking the time to be human.

Again, to all those that applied, many thanks.

Since you have my email address (and phone number) feel free to connect with me in a few weeks so we can find ways to help you in any way possible.

6 thoughts on “Differentiate with a personal touch and taking time”

  1. You write about the generic rejection letter emphatically and that’s exactly what I get from your team-mate, that too with exact same words. 🙂 LOL

    1. Suresh
      I sent personal emails to all the rejects. You can share emails with others to see if it was similar. Apologies for the error if we did it wrong. Not our intention and I will take responsibility.

  2. Hi,
    The mail that I also got seemed like a generic rejection letter and had almost all the words mentioned in your post. Would have been good if you had given a reason for the rejection, so that we could work on the perceived shortcomings.


    1. I will review all the emails. Sometimes the market is just too small, or the team incomplete and in other cases the ideas is just not all that interesting. Its hard to say these things directly to the entrepreneur.

      1. Mukund, if you are taking time to send these emails personally, you might as well tell them your opinions/reasons for rejection. Do mention that it is just your/your teams opinions, and it neither be always right, nor matter(in case they don’t know about it). It would also be a good feedback, in case one of the rejected startups make it big, i’m sure they’ll let you know why you were wrong 🙂

  3. Hi Mukund,

    Would be grateful if you could let us know, if all the teams who have not made it to the interview round, have been intimated.

    We are yet to receive any response from Microsoft.

    Kind Regards,

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