The science of everything – How the arts are being “scienced”

Jay was a languages major at Univ of Michigan. He stated a strong dislike for physics and biology at school and never was a big math fan; claiming to be a free thinker.

Yesterday I was sitting on a mentor session he was having with an entrepreneur who was building an online eCommerce business. The entrepreneur was a engineering graduate from a top college in India.

“Dude, you are winging it”, admonished Jay when Sam, our entrepreneur was telling him about his “customer engagement” plan.

Drip email marketing is a science, not a random set of messages you send to your installed base to see which one sticks”, he continued, “You have to test your subject line, the draw, the frequency, the images, the call to action, the sales copy, everything”.

Imagine that – scientifically measuring your copy – English sentences to see which one gives you the best returns.

Most everything is being measured and managed these days including many things that are pure art. Like the colors on your photo or the hues on your home page background.

I wonder if the more scientific it gets the more you need art and creativity to be different?

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