The Global Startup Quiz at NASSCOM Product Conclave #NPC2013 #fun #unique

Most tech conferences offer you a plethora of speakers and peers to learn from. That’s par for the course. Many also offer practitioners who will guide you on the ways of the world – like the “blind leading the blind” Matthew 15:13-14. Others offer immense networking opportunities – cofounder dating, angel investor connections. Its matchmaking at its fastest. If marriages are made in heaven, cofounder dating assumes that heaven was made in a day.

How many promise you a fun time?

I mean a time that you will remember because you laughed so hard or when your pulse raced.

I mean, really, there’s no rule that says that you cant have fun once you join a startup.

Lets have fun. Big time.

Let me take you back a few years. Remember your days at school or college when you had a knack to remember the most mundane of things and store them in your head? Ahh! Those were the days my friend. Trivia seemed to find all the space in my head, but those damm chemistry equations never did.

Our volunteer team at NPC this year is an eclectic mix of folks who seem to think “fun is their birthright”.

So they are bringing you the Global Startup Quiz at NASSCOM Product Conclave this year.

You can form teams of 2-3 of your peers and participate in your knowledge of startup trivia.

The winner gets automatic funding** from Shekhar Kirani from Accel (who’s coming to NPC this year BTW)

** some restrictions apply, void where prohibited. subject to approval. conditions apply, fine print applies. do not operate after consuming alcohol. Plastic bag (part of the quiz) is not a toy. Keep away from adults – children only. Blah Blah Blah. Are you still reading this? go register for NPC

Yeah right! You wish.

You think you know your startup trivia?

Who said “Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life, or do you want to change the world?” – dude that was not Steve Jobs. Wrong!

Make a team and match your skills with the best in NassQuiz, a one hour quiz on technology products worldwide.

  • Questions on world tech biz (not just software)
  • Written prelims before the 1 hour event
  • Audience participation included – winners get spot T-Shirts or goodies
  • Audio, photo/video questions as well

So if you want to win the bragging rights as the startup trivia quiz Czar – you gotta be at NPC this year. Register now.