Plantar Fasciitis: I learned something new a week ago

I have a new condition in my foot called Plantar Faciitis.

It comes from poor running habits and my insistence on wearing chappals with poor sole support apparently.

For males, plantar fasciitis becomes more common before and during their 30s and decreases afterward. Engaging in heavy physical activities such as marathons, football or basketball are considered major causes.

So I have two options – either go with a arch supported shoe or buy socks with padding support to wear them with my sandals.


6 thoughts on “Plantar Fasciitis: I learned something new a week ago”

  1. I struggled with it for a couple of years. I switched to a lower drop running shoe (4mm), focused on calf stretching and worked on my gait, from a heel strike to a mid foot strike. Also got some Orthaheel sandals which helped after running. Check ’em out.

  2. Now I understood why we don’t see the chappal now a days on any of the pics posted on FB 😛
    Just curious, with Ginsu knives story telling session, is the shoe coming up to the hand like the chappal 😀

    Happy recovering !!

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