There is still a lot of #opportunity in #India for accelerators & early investors #startups

Yesterday, 12 shortlisted companies from a very large list of applicants, presented to our Jury panel of entrepreneurs & investors for Batch 5 at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. This time we exceeded the total # of applicants by a significant number given how mature the program is and how well we have gained acceptance in the Indian startup ecosystem.

Of the 12 companies, 4 were very early stage, (think 2 founders and a dog, back of a napkin), 4-5 of them were at product / prototype and the remainder were at revenue.

Except 3, all the others were still bootstrapped. Meaning they had no funding or support from any accelerator, investor or corporate fund. The funded companies, had just (fairly recently, less than 3 months ago) raised money.

If we were to expand the pool to the final “top 50”, we saw fewer than 15% of companies were supported in some way by an institution meant to support them.

I keep hearing from the press, other entrepreneurs and investors that India is “saturated” with accelerators, investors and angels and we are in an “accelerator bubble”.

That cannot be farther away from the truth.

While not every company that pitched yesterday necessarily will yield a large outcome for institutional investors and 2 or 3 are not even angel investment ready, the remaining 50%-60% are. And, the ecosystem is not yet supporting them.

Some of these companies will go on to become fairly large. Will any of them become “Unicorns” – I cant say for sure. There will be a few (2-3) winners though.

The next time someone says we have too many accelerators or angel investors, you should point them to the fact that there are over 1200 product companies looking for funding in India, which have over $10K in revenue. Over 50 of them are doing more than $500K in revenue and still happily bootstrapped either because no one knows them or the founders dont want to accept money the investors gave them with the terms they offered.

We are still in the land of opportunity.

4 thoughts on “There is still a lot of #opportunity in #India for accelerators & early investors #startups”

  1. Hope you had many IITians and microsoft people into program. waiting to see those companies who made into program.

    1. Well if you look around in startup media you’ll find that majority (80 -90 % ) of the companies that get funded are started by IITians or alumni of other premier institution.

      Which makes me think that it is quite difficult if not impossible for non IITians to get funded.

  2. I agree Mukund, Last year about this time, I went on researching about the accelerators in India, and somehow the only one that appealed to us, for our kind of business, location as well as culture was Microsoft Accelerator. Yet, the no. of applications are so many, I thought may be there are some other good ones, I am yet to stumble upon. Nope. Not in India. Yet to find one! 😀

  3. @mukund – but is there something that is being done to address this imbalance? Are there any efforts on the same. Would love to know.

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