A comparison of business software review sites: Credii, ITCentral, G2Crowd, BestVendor and GetApp

There are an estimated 5K to 10K SaaS and enterprise software companies that provide solutions for small, mid-sized and enterprise companies.

The large IT analyst companies such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, EMR and Burton Group have made a $billion business out of evaluating and ranking these vendors on a magic quadrant or waves.

Over the last few years a host of companies have tried to disrupt the evaluation, comparison, review and ranking portion of the business.

The companies, G2Crowd, Credii, ITCentralStation, BestVendor and GetApp all pretty much offer a similar service with a few twists. The ability for business users to review, evaluate and filter the software solution for the based on their custom need.

Given the explosion of startups (thanks to the lower cost of starting a company), there are tons of choices for any buyer of software and many deployment models as well – mobile app, mobile web, SaaS, etc.

I had a chance to look at all these companies, and the intent was to review them from the point of view of a buyer of technology. I was initially looking for the best Early stage private company database, and stumbled upon one of these websites and went to research and see if there were others as well providing Yelp-type reviews for startups in a “crowd sourced” way.

There are 3 different approaches taken by these companies. While G2Crowd, ITCentral station and Best Vendor are more crowdsourced platforms, where any user can write a review and rate the vendors, Credii is more like a “Analyst on Demand” or ” Analyst as a Service” solution. GetApp is a pure marketplace and seems to want to follow the App store model with some reviews, but more a listings website.

There were 3 things I was looking for when searching for a database of startups – first a good comprehensive listing of vendors, followed by analysis of their features and pricing, and finally reviews and recommendations by users like me.

Of the 5 solutions (none of who are comprehensive) I found Getapp to have the most listings – for other solutions than the one I was looking for. G2Crowd was a close second. The rest were pretty poor in the comprehensive nature of their coverage of a domain or the products within a domain.

In terms of analysis of features and pricing, company information, I found g2Crowd the best, but Credii very comprehensive. The limited nature of editorial reviews in the other sites, make them hard to take seriously.

Finally in terms of user reviews, getApp was the best by far with the most reviews. followed by G2Crowd. ItCentralStation was poor but definitely better than the other two.

If you are an SMB vendor with an interest in reviewing products and learning more about products before you start to shop, I’d be hard pressed to say an of them will truly meet your needs. They might be a starting point, but if you are expecting an Amazon like listing, with great reviews, multiple feature comparisons, you will be sadly disappointed.

P.S. I have been also informed (see the comments) about Capterra. Worth a look as well.

6 thoughts on “A comparison of business software review sites: Credii, ITCentral, G2Crowd, BestVendor and GetApp”

      1. Great Article Mukund! I wish if you could also have a look at 1POINT2IT.com, where we intend to create a platform to connect buyers and sellers of Enterprise IT products and services( Irrespective of software or hardware). The key is, we also have a interactive dashboard integrated at the back end which will help buyers to manage projects and vendors to manage their leads. And we do not charge vendors until and unless they close the deal. We make money only after they make money.

        We are still working on the same and would be launching the same at Bangalore very soon. Any inputs from people like would definitely keep us on:)


  1. Thank you so much for including G2 Crowd in your analysis, Mukund. The three categories you looked at – number of listings, product analysis and number of reviews – provided you a good snapshot of our platform.

    We pride ourselves on having more than 20,000 business software reviews across 5K+ products listed on our site from several thousand vendors. In addition to the scale, the quality of our reviews is fantastic, and has helped position us as a leader in the space.

    Glad you found our platform helpful, and hope your readers do as well. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional questions about G2 Crowd!

    (NOTE: I’m a proud employee of “the Crowd,” if that’s not clear by now!)

  2. Thanks for giving GetApp a mention in your analysis. Very much appreciated.

    As one of the leading cloud-based software review and comparison sites it is quite refreshing to be the reviewed instead of the reviewer. It’s an opportunity for us to improve on the quality of service we provide to our users through obtaining more reviews and providing greater software analysis.

    Once again thanks for including us in this list and if you need any further information about GetApp pleased don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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