How I lost 50 lbs in 25 weeks with no special diet or gimmicks

On June 23rd 2014, I weighed 174 lbs. On Dec 24th I weighed 125 lbs. It was a steady 2 lbs loss of weight each week, more or less.

I did not follow any special diet, like no carbohydrates, paleo, etc. There was no weight watchers or hitting the gym.

In fact I never once went to the gym the entire time except to check my weight on one occasion.

Moat folks who know me well, were not sure why I needed to lose any weight. I had a foot problem, though because of very poor footwear decisions which forced me to lose weight or stop playing sports. I chose to lose weight.

There’s one secret though. It was my discipline. Plain and simple.

I used two apps, recommended by my sister. One to measure my food intake and another to track my running.

First, I reduced my food intake from 2200 calories daily to 1500 calories daily over a 3 week period.

Second, I started running, starting at 1.5 miles daily to now consistently doing 13-15 miles daily.

Finally, I started to fast, all day on Thursdays. I only drank water. Starting with drinking only juices to milk and then over 4 weeks to nothing but water.

That’s it. I did not spend any money on diets, food, gym memberships or fancy weight loss programs.

Over 25 weeks of this helped me get down to 125lbs.

15 thoughts on “How I lost 50 lbs in 25 weeks with no special diet or gimmicks”

  1. Hey Mukund,

    Curious to know how you calculated/decided that you can reduce your calorie intake from 2200 to 1500 without any adverse effect on health?


  2. Wow! I would be really interested to know how to maintain the discipline because 13-15 miles a day(I can do only 40km in a week) and 1500 calories intake is not a small task.

  3. Mukund, are you sure that all of that was fat loss? With a regular low calorie diet, your body might start using protein as an energy source thereby depleting muscles, which is un-healthy and makes you fatter, even if you lose weight.

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