The only one thing you need to do to lose weight

I lost about 50 pounds over 25 weeks last year (2014). There were 3 things I did – a) Track what I ate with MyFitnessPal, b) Started walking, then running about 13 miles daily, tracking on FitBit and c) Fasting every Thursday.

Since I am data junkie, I kept trying to optimize all these 3 aspects of my weight loss.

If there’s one thing you must do to reduce weight it is this – eat less.

Much, much less, than you even think you need.

I had a nutritionist and my podiatrist who helped me throughout this process. I went from eating about 2200 -2300 calories a day to 1500 calories a day or less.

I found that even if you don’t workout or fast, if you eat less, you will lose weight.

If you want to lose weight and be healthy, then workout daily.

If you want to lose weight and do it quickly (about 2 pounds per week), then add the fasting.

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    A nice article by a good friend, Mukund on losing weight.

    While I agree with Mukund that reducing food intake is one of the key strategies that WILL work, I would like to add a few of my observations.

    a) Don’t consider your body, mind separate. Food that you eat feeds not just the body but also the mind. Therefore, don’t go with merely calorific value of the food you eat. Remember that science has not yet evolved to measure mental activity accurately. Fitbits, Jawbone etc are just a beginning. So, eat what you LIKE, but moderation is definitely a key technique you MUST follow.

    b) Don’t ignore your emotions. Remember that you can get energy [aka measured in calorific value] from not just food, but also from other ‘non-foody’ stuff. How do you describe your state when you are in a good mood /happy emotion, and ‘actually’ become energetic and vice-versa? Don’t ignore your emotions. Try to stay in the zone of happy emotions as much as possible and you would actually derive energy. This would mean that you would probably require less energy to be supplemented from food intake.

    c) Fasting is excellent techique. If you can fast once a week, great. Else, try once every two weeks – this is also validated by the ancient Hindu practice of Ekadasi [which I follow since a few years], where one fasts on a particular day – 11th day after the full or new moon. It is truly thereaupatic and can actually heal disesases. Also, a tip – if you find any sort of physical discomfort, or laziness in you – just fast for a day. You will bounce back.

    d) Eating multiple times in the day is an excellent strategy. I recommend that too. There is one important technique you can practice when you are not close to food that your dietician recommended for a specific time in the day. It is possible, that you may be on a travel and you can’t obviously meet up your dietary plan. In such cases, you can follow this technique. This is called at ‘Nirahara Samyama’ – a simple yogic technique that you can use anywhere, anytime to ‘manufacture’ energy from thin air, for sustaining your body. Here is how the technique works. Breathe in through your mouth, as deeply and slowly as possible, hold it in your lungs as much as possible, and breath out through your nose as slowly as possible. Do this for 5-10 minutes and you would notice that your craving for food will actually reduce significantly. I have tried this the last six months, and have been mighty pleased with the results. Remember, in yogic culture, everything is energy [which incidentally Albert Einstein also confirmed and the nuclear physics confirms too!] and you can convert energy and put to use for your sustenance, from practically anything, IF you know the right technique.

    So, signing off, if you can’t follow the regimen that Mukund described as to what worked for him, don’t despair. Try a few modifications and I assure you will still be fine and achieve your goals of losing weight. More importantly, change your attitude towards food and consider that food feeds the mind-body-emotions continuum and not just the body.

    Have a healthy, happy 2015

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