A contrarian view : Is weight loss a sprint or a marathon? Weight loss is a #sprint to start

There are two types of weight-loss theories in the world.

The first kind believe that weight-loss project is very defined and is for a fixed period of time. They are called “Sprint“.

The second kind believe that weight-loss project is an ongoing labor of love and is a “life-time choice”. They call the project a “Marathon“.

I think of weight-loss as a Sprints“. I dont think there’s anything wrong with sprints at all contrary to popular belief. You know the goal, it is short, you can visualize it and you can see yourself winning.

The other kind involves a lifestyle change or a “Marathon” weight-loss project.

Understanding that it is the “Sprint” type you like will help you understand if you will be successful in your goal or if you may be destined to achieve moderate success or failure to reach your original objectives.

Weight loss is a sprint to start. 

You need to have a deadline.

It is the new year resolution, a wedding, a reunion or a doctor’s annual checkup that triggers this project. Some people think of weight loss as a long term goal. I disagree though since I believe there’s no long term without a short term.

If there’s no forcing function, then 99% of people dont achieve success in their project.

There are those that argue that living healthy is a lifestyle choice and you need to be constantly working at it. They consider weight loss as a “Marathon” project. Here’s the thing: most people wont be motivated enough when they know that there in it for the “long haul”.

Research backs me up on that.

Start and finish “Sprint” weight-loss projects have a greater chance of success.

The problem with the marathon approach is that your mind tends to groan and creak at the dramatic change it needs to undertake in a short period of time. I know there are ways for you to “ease” into a marathon by training your mind and your body to help lose weight, but I have tried 5-7 weight loss projects and coached other folks on losing weight as well.

The best approach to losing weight is to have a clear deadline and a measurable weight you want to hit. Then you can optimize around muscle-building, etc. Those are good to have. If your must have is weight loss, I’d highly recommend you optimize for it and think of your project as a “Sprint.

So what happens after you hit the “Sprint” finish? My goal was to lose 50 Lbs in 25 weeks. Now, my “short term” next sprint is to hit my FFM (Fat free mass) towards an athlete’s level. Right now I am at 15% FFM and I want to get to 12%. The best athlete’s in the wold at at between 8% and 10%.

The thing is that’s my next sprint. Then I’ll get a new sprint. Each sprint for me lasts 6 months. Some may call this a marathon comprised of multiple sprints and that I am splitting hair, but I think there’s more to this than just long term life-style changing vs. short-term motivating project.

I am curious to know how many of you have a weight-loss goal this year in 2015 and how are you viewing your project.

I’d highly recommend you sprint your way to that goal.