The difference between Novice, Amateur and Professional #Entrepreneurs (Setting expectations)

I get a lot of forward looking plans and projections for revenue, expenses and hiring from many entrepreneurs. I wanted to highlight a key, but subtle difference that I see between entrepreneurs. I can state it quite simply as follows:

Novices set expectations high, and deliver low. They are the ones I see trying to go from investor pitch to investor pitch defending their “industry standard” growth rate, even though they expected higher.

Amateurs under promise and over deliver. They are the ones I hear always complain about valuations. They fail to realize that the “professional” entrepreneur friend they have is growing at an insane rate, but they choose to only compare “valuations” and dilution.

Professionals over commit and outperform.They are the ones that get the best valuations and are diluting very little. They push their entire team to crush already high expectations.

They dont heed the “research” that says that it does not pay to over deliver. They crush their metrics on all accounts and deliver growth that’s off the charts.

Be a professional if you want investors to chase you. Set the bar high for your metrics and push to overachieve them.

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  1. Love the post. I actually just received that advise from an investor who saw our projections and said” I should be willing to bet my house on those projections” I immediately went back to the office changed the projections and now will bet my house on them– and of course over-deliver

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