With Sugar: Abstinence is better than Moderation #HackWeightLoss

The most important thing I learned when I hacked weight loss was that diet matters more than exercise. So, I set about trying to A/B test what I ate, when and how much.

I finally learned that moderating processed sugar from my diet was the easiest way to control my diet.

Turns out I was slightly off.

Research and science has proven that sugar is the new tobacco.

In fact sugar is more addictive than cocaine. If you think tobacco causes cancer, then sugar is linked to rotten teeth, obesity, changes in blood pressure and heart disease.

The usual guidelines from nutritionists is to moderate your sugar intake. I think that’s actually dangerous.

It is like telling a smoker to “smoke 5 cigarettes a day rather than 7 or 10” because it will cause less cancer.

Tobacco causes cancer. Period. It wrecks your body.

Processed sugar causes all the diseases that you can survive, but it will leave you with a horrible lifestyle.

I have personally seen this with my own experiments. If I have a small serving or “yogurt raisins” or a small piece of “cake” it almost never is enough. The cravings trigger and I end up eating 1/2 cup full of the raisins or 2 servings of the pound cake.

If, however, I skip even tasting it, I find after my initial craving period, I rarely even miss it.

So, the question is how can you hack your health self without needing all the will power to ensure you dont eat sugar.

Here are some tips I have used.

1. Dont even buy them. Keeping them at home just triggers your cravings.

2. In the mid afternoon when your sugar craving is the most, opt for a piece of fruit. Do this for 7 days and again avoid going near the vending machine

3. Keep a log of the # of times a day you have successfully avoided processed sugar and reward yourself with something you like other than a sugared treat.

4. Teach your pallet to love natural sugars – fruits are the best.

5. Replace your morning sugared cereal with more healthy options (especially good if you are eating traditional Indian breakfasts like Idli or Dosa).

6. Substitute water or plain fat free milk for soda. Avoid adding sugar to your coffee, tea or even adding sweeteners.

With sugar abstinence is better than moderation.

You will be healthier. If she can avoid eating sugar for a whole year, you can do it as well.

2 thoughts on “With Sugar: Abstinence is better than Moderation #HackWeightLoss”

  1. I have been referring to sugar as “poison” for four years now and been trying to avoid it in general. White starches (white bread, potatoes, white rice, etc are all just a half step from simple sugar too!) Even natural sugars like those in fruit have a profound effect on your body and insulin response.

    I definitely have not cut sugar to zero, but watch it carefully and definitely feel better and have an easier time keeping my weight in check.

    Now we just need to get more people to see the light! 🙂

  2. Mukund sir, I have not touched Sugar for last 3 years. I had read a vey nice book long time back which stated that processed sugar is more dangerous than tobacco (forget the name of the book). I also heard about a lobby in US where they use High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in almost every (processed or packaged) food you buy and is supposed to be more dangerous than Sugar cane sugar. I have not done a research on this (as I don’t live in US) but since you are into it, will request you do a thorough analysis and publish your findings 🙂


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