The top 5 tips to making a successful customer testimonial video

With the rise of video, many entrepreneurs are looking to find a new way to bring social proof to their apps and websites.

While the overview video is the best way to introduce your company or product, and there are various types of introduction videos you could use to showcase your startup, the customer testimonial needs to do three things:

1. Give prospects confidence that there are real people using the product, who are similar to themselves.

2. Help potential customers understand if this might “work in their environment”.

3. Outline to prospects what pain points your product may help solve in their own words and using their language.

It is important to script the customer testimonial video as well, and ensure that it looks and feels very professionally done.

Here are the top 5 tips I have learned by doing customer testimonial videos:

1. Use “users” in your videos and have them explain their day in the life pain that your product solves, instead of the decision maker taking in abstract terms of how your product helps the company.

2. Have more than one person from your customer be a part of the video. Or have 2-3 different customers be part of the same video. I have found that in 2 occasions, the “customer” who I featured in my video left the company and I had to remove the video (the customer requested it, since they did not want mis-representation) which cost us much angst.

3. To avoid the problem of having to remove the video completely because your “user” or customer leaves the company, shoot each segment of the video separately and ensure you will have the segments “individually produced”. That way if you have to produce the video by editing out a segment (because people leave or have new people appear) you can still do that.

4. Show your product being used by the customer in their office in your video. This ensures that people believe they are not paid actors, and instead are actually using the product for their daily business. I prefer to use 2-3 quick shots (pan and zoom) of the person in front of the computer or mobile phone clicking on certain sections of your product. When you use users in video, show their company’s logo or workspace to ensure the video is realistic.

5. Breakup your video into 5 segments – with each section being able to stand on its own. That way if you need multiple “cuts” – e.g. 30 second, 1 min, 1.5 min or 2 min you can do “stitch” them together easily.

Here are the 5 sections I recommend:

a) the pain point – preferably 3 thing they do in their day in the life, which hassles them. E.g. “It would take me 5 hours to generate the influencer list and I had to go to the search engine, then pull reports into Excel”.

b) their current solution or what they did before your product. E.g. “Our current solution was a client server product which did not allow our management team to view the reports on their mobile phone”.

c) their use of your solution – how are the using it daily, or how does it fit into their work processes. e.g. “With BuzzGain, we can put in 3-5 keywords, then understand who the right influencers are and quickly in a matter of minutes obtain the list of key outlets and publications. This helps us respond to client briefs quicker.”

d) how your product has solved the problem – the benefits they have obtained, preferably quantified in ROI terms – for example “after using BuzzGain our time spent on building reports reduced by 5 hours a week”, or “after using ABC product our sales increased by 2%”.

e) why do they like the solution OR why would they recommend your solution. E.g. “I would highly recommend BuzzGain because it helps me in my role daily and saves us time, which helps me focus on building client relationships instead of collating reports”.

Bonus tip: Ensure that you have the full title and correct spelling of your customers in your video at the bottom each time you introduce them on the video for 3-5 seconds. Most people do it only once at the beginning, but I have found, that many people do not watch video intently enough to remember to focus on the name and title. It is always better to show the name and tile of the customer at the bottom of your screen for 2-3 times during your video.

Here is a great example from GoodData of a customer testimonial video I like.