Why an #entrepreneur’s LinkedIn profile is more important to get right than their website

Over 70% of the introductions to investors and potential customers is now done via email and over 66% of the email is read on the smartphone.

Put those two numbers together and you it will be likely that you will be introduced to an investor you want to pitch over email, and they will (hopefully) hear about you from someone they know (or trust as well).

The first thing people do when they get an introduction via email is check the person’s LinkedIn profile.

According to the LinkedIn heatmap profile the first thing people look for the photograph followed by the most recent status update – even on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Heatmap
LinkedIn Heatmap

The next few things people look for  are your most recent role, followed by your educational qualifications.

Only after that do people check out your website or mobile app.

I have seen many cases where the investor will push the meeting to later if the LinkedIn profile is “incomplete” or “not very appealing”.

While your app or website might be professionally designed and be very appealing if your LinkedIn profile is not, you will likely not get to the next step very quickly.

Most investors will Google search you as well and click on the first three links – For most people the first two links are LinkedIn profile, AngelList profile (if that exists), followed by the website bio.

So, that makes it all the more important to get your LinkedIn profile more appealing than your website.

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