How we podcast; Our setup, flow and agenda: India Startup Chat

Over the last 4 months, I have been blogging every day to understand the discipline of writing and work myself into thinking and learning about new mediums of communication. I published a post on What’s working in B2B blogs and what’s not working a few weeks ago to capture my experiences.

One of the things that’s clear to me is that the number of people reading text-based blog posts is dropping and video is growing in popularity worldwide.

Combined with Mobile usage growth, the trends are pointing to a huge number of people watching short form video on the go.

Particular to the US, an increasing number of people are listening to podcasts during the commute or heading to the gym.

Noticing these trends, I reached out to Lakshmi Rebecca and Ravi Gururaj, two of my good friends from India, who are celebrities in the Indian startup ecosystem. I wanted to do a podcast every week on the Indian startup ecosystem.

The audience for this podcast was largely folks in the US (investors, entrepreneurs) who were keen to learn about the Indian startup scene. We also noticed a lot of people from India (entrepreneurs in particular) would be interested in listening to this podcast.

Lakshmi took the lead (as expected, since is the most creative and a media personality in her own right) and gave us detailed instructions on what we should prepare.

There were 3 steps we followed:

3 Step Podcasting Process
3 Step Podcasting Process

First was the preparation. We decided on the format (3 sections of 10 minutes each), time for each section and the topical items that mattered.

Since I was in the US, Ravi at his home in Bangalore, and Lakshmi at her studio and home office, we felt the best way to execute this was using Skype. After 3 false starts, poor recording quality and endless frustration with Internet connection speeds, we gave up.

Lakshmi then did some research to figure out that “double ender” format was the best way for each of us to record our podcasts on each end and then combine and produce it together later.

We also needed a logo and a name. Descriptive name won, although we were tempted to go with a more generic name like the Views podcast, we decided that we’d start by naming it “what it was” – a podcast about the Indian Startup ecosystem. The “Chat” was to indicate the informal nature of our riffing. So, India Startup Chat was born.

Lakshmi also put our logo together. We needed a 1400px X 1400 px sized logo for iTunes, BTW.

The next step was to do the actual recording. After a start with our own microphones on our machines, we found that  we needed a professional quality mic, since there was too much static white noise when we recorded.

I got a Blue Snowball Ice USB mic, which I have been pretty happy with, Lakshmi has a more professional setup.

Blue Snowball Mic
Blue Snowball Mic

Each of us also downloaded Audactity for recording.

We then got on a conference call ( so we could each listen to one another), and recorded at the same time on our own machines.

Lakshmi Mic
Lakshmi Mic

The final step was to upload our individual recording files to Google drive and Lakshmi then went to the Production studio to mix the audio tracks together. She mentioned it took her a few hours, but will be less as we get more familiar with the setup.

Production Lakshmi
Production Lakshmi

I then setup a SoundCloud account and posted the images and file to the site.

Please do give us a listen and let us know what you think on Facebook!